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Beginner - Skiing or Snowboarding

Are you motivated to learn skiing or snowboarding?! Don’t miss this winter’s opportunity to join our Academy! Grow with us, from Beginner to Expert! 

Join us to learn skiing or snowboarding in small groups, for beginners the use of the lift is included during the course.

These beginner courses take place in Flumserberg in December and January. If none of the dates fits your schedule, feel free to contact us and we might be able to find you a different option. 

During this first voyage of discovery, you will notice whether you too will get hooked on winter sports. After following the First Timer course you can grow your abilities and confidence by starting your beginner + lessons. If you stay at it and you may be eligible to participate in our Mastersclasses no time! 

Pre-registration is needed

Don’t miss this opportunity to start your journey in December with BSSKI! (Or would you rather ski with your Private Instructor?)

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Skiing or Snowboarding from beginner to expert

What happens during your beginner ski or snowboard lessons:

  • Firstly, every beginner – skiing or snowboarding – will be acquainted with the equipment and the basic terminology. So, before we will be starting the practical part of the course, the instructor will explain for a few minutes.
  • After this introduction in the first basics of the sport, the practical part will start. In the Practical part of the lesson, you will start with balance training. You will need to learn how to just ski/snowboard straight. 
  • After you get the first sliding meters done, you’ll learn to slow down, stop in the snowplough position (ski), and use the lift for beginners. 
  • As soon as you show good control on the straights your instructor will teach you to make turns to the left and the right on easy slopes, keeping one’s speed. You will have to master the correct stance to improve the quality of your skiing and to be able to challenge yourself increasingly. 
  • By the end of the course, you should be ready to overpass from a practice ground for beginners to an easy slope for public skiing/snowboarding.


After every exercise, we’ll analyse mistakes, and we’ll try to correct them.

  • By now we are at the point where you’ll learn about the phases of turn and how to act in each of them.
  • You learn how to control the speed, rhythm and turning radius of turns depending on the slope.
  • As every person is different, we will know about your learning curve after this three-day training, and we can decide on the follow-up training for you.