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Private lessons Family - Skiers and Snowboarder

Private Classes for Families: What to Expect

As a pack! Prices are for up to 6 members of the same family. The family (ski & snowboard) lessons are for sporty families, who love to enjoy their ski holiday together.

Family Instructor:

  • Full-day booking: Start times of lessons can be discussed individually
  • For novice skiers to the experts

Prices are valid for ski and snowboard lessons

Private Lessons - On Piste

Book your lessons in:

Other ski resorts in Eastern Switzerland: 

Between Flumserberg and Lenzerheide there are a lot of other ski areas, where we will of course also be happy to accompany you on the mountain. 

When making your reservation (choose the nearest ski resort above), you must note your desired area.


We come  to a desired ski resort by appointment (min.3 days) 

Book a Private Instructor: Skill level and learning pace considerations.

Looking for a way to enjoy skiing as a family? Consider booking a private family instructor! These customised lessons can accommodate a range of skill levels and learning paces, allowing everyone to participate. While beginners and advanced skiers may not be able to learn together in one group, a private teacher can work with each member individually to improve their positions and movements. With cooperation, encouragement, and plenty of fun, these lessons offer a great opportunity for families to learn and grow together on the slopes.


Private Lessons, fun and safety

Hiring a private ski instructor can provide numerous benefits, especially when it comes to your children’s safety and technique on the slopes. With a dedicated instructor, your child will receive personalized attention and guidance, ensuring that they are skiing safely and effectively. The instructor will also be able to identify any bad habits or areas for improvement and work with you or your child to correct them, ultimately improving their skiing ability and reducing the risk of injury. So, if you want to ensure a fun and safe ski trip, consider hiring a private ski instructor.

Looking for a family ski instructor who can cater to everyone’s skill level?
Look no further than BSSKI! Whether you’re an advanced skier looking to master carving or conquer deep snow, or a beginner just starting out, our ski school has something for everyone. With options for early morning or afternoon private lessons, and a variety of challenges including mogul slopes and ski-cross, we can tailor our instruction to meet your family’s specific needs.

– Flumserberg – Davos – Pizol
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Ski Academy - Group Classes

Ski Academy Mogul techniques Ski camp. Performance training from November until mai

Skiing Techniques Camps

Skiing Techniques Camps – On & Off-Piste Ski Performance – Small Group Courses Training: By practicing with specific goals in mind, receiving clear explanations, video

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