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How to Improve Your Freeride Skiing Skills: Techniques and Training

Freeride skiing is a thrilling and challenging sport that involves skiing down steep, ungroomed terrain with jumps, drops, and obstacles. If you’re looking to take your freeride skiing to the next level, you’ll need to master a range of performance techniques that will help you conquer any terrain and become a pro. During the freeride performance trainings, we’ll explore some of the key skills and training methods that can help you become a top freeride skier.

Working on Freeride Skiing techniques is a real step in the progression of your overall skills

Proper body position and balance are essential for freeride skiing. Keep your weight centered over your skis and maintain a low, athletic stance. This will help you stay in control and react quickly to changes in terrain. Practice on groomed runs before venturing off-piste to build your skills and confidence. Remember, the key to successful freeride skiing is staying balanced and in control at all times.

Practice Proper Body Position and Balance.

Technique determines how much fun and how safe you feel on the mountain. With good techniques, you develop more self-confidence, and you give yourself the opportunity to take on new challenges in a responsible way. The recipe to fully enjoy the time in which you stand on your skis.

On-Piste & Freeride skien - Freeriden mit BSSki

Open terrain, tight, steep, icy slopes and slopes with monstrous bumps, through the woods anbeten the trees, steep passages and wide-open terrain on and off the slopes.

The Science Behind Freeride Skiing: How to Improve Your Technique

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skier, mastering freeride skiing techniques takes practice. Discover the science behind it and improve your skills during 1 of the trainings.

Whilst freeride skiing you can encounter everything.
Taking on the challenge or relaxing, cruising down with big turns, the choices are endless but are determined by your personal skiing techniques.

Do you aim to improve as an instructor or a sporty amateur skier, this training is yours!

Freeride Snow Pro’s; Grab your advantage

The many Tips & Tricks that you get can always be unpacked afterwards to become more and more master of the relevant ski discipline.

Freeride Skiing Techniques // 2-4 day trainings // advanced & intermediate classes

BSSKI Skikurse Performance training, On-piste skiing techniques
Play Video about BSSKI Moguls ski techniques

Learn to Read the Terrain and Choose Your Line.

One of the most important skills in freeride skiing is the ability to read the terrain and choose the best line. This means analyzing the slope, snow conditions, and obstacles to determine the safest and most efficient path down the mountain. To improve this skill, start by studying the terrain before you ski. Look for natural features like ridges, gullies, and rock formations that can help guide your line. Practice skiing different lines and experimenting with different turns and techniques to find the best approach for each section of the slope. With practice, you’ll develop a keen eye for reading the terrain and choosing the perfect line for every run. 

From powder turns to cliff drops, freeride skiing is all about pushing your limits. Learn the essential techniques for mastering this thrilling sport, join our trainings!

Price includes:
2-4 days Training – 3-6 participants – video analyses 

Want to master freeride skiing? Start with an intermediate course for the essential tips for freeride beginners.

From ski technique performance to Buckelcamps to then take on Freeriding? We will guide you from intermediate piste skier to independent Freerider.

From powder turns to cliff drops, freeride skiing is all about pushing your limits. Learn the essential techniques for mastering this thrilling sport, join our trainings!

Understand the physics of freeride skiing.

If you’re looking for an adrenaline-fueled winter sport, freeride skiing may be just what you need. This exciting discipline involves skiing off-piste, tackling steep slopes, and navigating through deep powder. To master freeride skiing, you’ll need to learn essential techniques and practice regularly. Join our trainings to take your skills to the next level!

Tips for Becoming a Strong Freeride Skier

To become a strong freeride skier, it’s important to focus on building your technical skills and knowledge of snow safety. This includes practicing proper body positioning, learning how to read terrain and snow conditions, and developing your ability to make quick decisions on the mountain. It’s also important to work on your physical fitness, including building strength and endurance through activities like weight training and cardio workouts. Finally, consider taking lessons or working with a coach to help you improve your technique and reach your full potential as a freeride skier.

Ski Academy - Group Classes

Ski Academy Mogul techniques Ski camp. Performance training from November until mai

Skiing Techniques Camps

Skiing Techniques Camps – On & Off-Piste Ski Performance – Small Group Courses Training: By practicing with specific goals in mind, receiving clear explanations, video

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