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Your Choice if you are looking for quality group lessons; Ski Academy Flumserberg

“Are you looking for a place to improve your skiing skills in Flumserberg? You’re in luck because our ski academy offers a variety of classes for skiers of all levels. Whether you’re an intermediate or an expert skier, we have something for you.

We offer classes specifically for ladies who want to take their skiing to new heights. We also have high-level ski training for children to help them reach their full potential on the slopes. Additionally, we provide performance ski training for adults who are eager to challenge themselves.

Our classes are available throughout the winter season with options for holiday lessons, weekend courses, and recurring classes. To ensure that every participant gets the necessary attention, we keep our groups small. With only a few spots available per training, you’ll receive guidance as if it were a private lesson. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to improve your skiing skills!”

Elevate Your Skiing with Our Academy: With the Best Instructors and Top Training Programs

Skitour, Splitboardtour Anfängerkurs

Ski Touring

Ski touring course for first timer in Flumserberg; Discover the mountains close to Zürich Ski Touring Course for beginners; experience

Skikurs in Flumserberg oder Davos mit Herausforderungen für Leicht fortgeschrittener Skifahrer

Intermediate skiers

Intermediate Skiers – Mixed Intermediate skiers with confidence are in the right place!  For those who possess intermediate skiing skills

Bsski Performance trainings Freeride, off piste skiing

Freeride Skiing

FREERIDE SKIING TECHNIQUES TRAINING IN FLUMSERBERG & DAVOS Book your training How to Improve Your Freeride Skiing Skills: Techniques and

Buckelpiste Ski Technik Performance

Moguls Skiing

MOGULS SKIING; TECHNIQUES TRAINING IN FLUMSERBERG & DAVOS Book your training Moguls (Bumps) 2-4 day trainings // advanced & intermediate

Eidg. Schneesportlehrerin, Freeride Guide Berber Semmelink

Ski Training for Ladies

Ski Training for Ladies in Flumserberg Intermediate & Advanced Ski Training  During the ski training for ladies, we learn-, practice,

gevorderde skiers masters ski training

Advanced Skiers

Ski Instructors and Advanced Skiers – Advanced skiers and ski instructors are in the right place!  Advanced skiers need challenges,

Skilled instructors offer expert coaching, comprehensive training and the right atmosphere!

How to ski Mogul skiing techniques? BSSKI Trainer Ales using the mogul technique for his powder tree run, Ski academy Flumserberg

When considering where to invest your time and money in developing your skiing skills, it is essential to choose a program that offers comprehensive training, expert coaching, and a supportive and engaging atmosphere. Our ski academy is unparalleled in these areas, boasting a team of skilled instructors who are committed to helping you reach your full potential and achieve your skiing goals. 

Our curriculum covers everything from the basics of technique and form to advanced freeride, moguls or race tactics and style tricks, ensuring that you receive a well-rounded education in all aspects of skiing. Additionally, with recurring training sessions and personalized feedback, you will notice genuine progress in your abilities each session. 

Opt for our ski academy to experience the best skiing training and take your abilities to the next level.