Ski Classes / 2-4 day ski Training for advanced skiers

You want to fine tune your skiing, become a better skier, learn all about Mogul skiing or freeriding?
Then a 2 or 4 day BsSki performance training is what you need.
Emphasizing the secrets of moguls, off-piste and piste techniques, we’ll start you of into a new Skill level. Find your training in Flumserberg, Davor or one of the custom destinations, sign up for winter 23/24 now!

Performance Ski training BsSki Academy

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Ski Performance

Congratulations on taking the first steps to becoming a successful skier! Imagine how it feels to skillfully maneuver through challenging slopes and confidently make every turn. Though it may feel like there is a lot to learn, remember that every expert was once a beginner. Embrace the challenge of positioning your body correctly and using the right technique, and with consistent practice, you'll see improvement. As you progress, you'll discover the variety of skiing, find new opportunities, and collect unforgettable experiences. Stay persistent and committed, and you'll soon become a master of the slopes. Remember that every day is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Freeride Techniques Performance

Experience the feeling of freeriding and feel the freedom and sense of adventure in the mountains with BSSKI Freeride ski classes. The experienced instructors can show you the right routes through the majestic landscape and help you improve your freeriding skills. You will learn to navigate the untouched snow and feel the sensation of gliding down the mountain. Prepare for the ultimate skiing experience and discover the freerider within you. Book your freeride ski course with BSSKI now and let's hit the slopes powder together!

About us

With joint +30 years of experience, always wearing a smile and highly motivated, we will work with you. During our training we can concentrate on every detail. With a maximum of 6 participants per group, we can personally guide each student to a higher level. 

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What others say

Yunting D.
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I had a great class with Berber in Davos at the end of the season. It is revolutionary. I will continue to have class this season with BSSki. 😉
David K.
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Berber is one of the most experienced, certified and passionate coaches I know. She loves sharing her widespread knowledge of skiing and the mountains with other people. I will be back to ski with her next year.
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by far the best ski instructor i ever had/ will have (believe me i have had many different ski instructors these past few years)!! berber is an inspiring beautiful women with great teaching methods, she doesn’t only give the best tips on how to become a better skier, she makes you smile,laugh and in general have joy in skiing.

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Berber Semmelink - Ski Academy

Our base is in Flumserberg, in the north east of the Swiss Alps. Besides working in our home resort we regularly train in Davos-Klosters and offer our services in several other resorts in the surroundinge area.

Piste to Powder, Freeriding, with friends or family? We’ll guide you to the best corners of the area and find you the most suiting pistes and routes. 

ski classes for advanced skiers skitraining voor vrouwen