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Ski-Mojo test lesson

BSSKI Academy is an authorized Ski-Mojo Test-Academy and dealer in Flumserberg and Davos-Klosters

Ski-Mojo test lesson

The Ski-Mojo Test Lesson is an all-around invigorating ski training.

We accompany you during a Ski-Mojo test training. You will be taken through a fun and new sensation, with a certified Instructor. The Ski-Mojo will be tested in practice and explained in theory, from A to Z. Afterwards, you can buy your Ski-Mojo from us. 

On the website of Ski-Mojo, you can inform yourself about the various advantages and functionality of the Ski-Mojo. Let yourself be inspired!

Augmented skiing, protect your body, provide immediate support with your skiing technique, and increase self-confidence and endurance until dawn. We are absolutely thrilled since the first curve with the Ski-Mojo!

This enthusiasm is shared, from children to those who invented skiing. Top fit or possibly. already with damage to the body, prevent injuries and support the ski technique. The Ski-Mojo can become a constant companion for everyone.
There is also consensual sensationalism among us professionals, and that’s not because we need it!

After a habituation phase and finding the right setting, it is simply sensational to ski with the Ski Mojo. The knees, your back and leg muscles are spared, and this is of course a very welcome development.

The ski runs much quieter and because the balance is also supported, it becomes easier to improve your own skills faster! Errors and bumps are ironed out more gently and thanks to the support of the Ski-Mojo spring (charged with your own energy), even the very last descent is not a danger!

Private ski instructors in Eastern Switzerland, Flumserberg, Pizol, Davos, Laax, Lenzerheide and more.

Ski Academy starting in November.