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Ski touring course for first timer in Flumserberg; Discover the mountains close to Zürich

Ski Touring Course for beginners; experience the fascination of ski touring and nature in a whole new way.

Are you interested in trying out ski touring? Then our beginners’ course in the Flumserberge is just right for you! We will guide you through the basics of equipment, tour planning and the various ascent techniques and give you helpful tips and tricks. Our private lessons are tailored to you and your friends and ensure a personal experience.

Ski touring is a great way to explore new areas and experience nature in a way that most people don’t get to see. If you are looking for an exciting and unique way to spend your day in the snow, try this beginner ski touring course!

Skitour Kurs für Anfänger

The Swiss ski touring and hike & ride offer is huge.

What awaits you; Everything that has to do with ski touring and: will definitely learn a lot!

The course offers a comprehensive programme that teaches you everything you need to know about ski touring. You will learn how to move safely and efficiently with skins, how to use the equipment and of course many tips and tricks about skiing off-piste. The course will also include a lot about the mountain environment and its dangers, so you’ll definitely be safe when you’re out on the mountain.

The General Terms and Conditions apply.


1 day ski tour beginner course

Costs: 360Chf


The price is for 1-2 participants, 


lift ticket/route ticket, material, avalanche transceiver set (avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel) Each additional person pays an additional amount per day. These additional persons (i.e. from the third participant) can be specified at the beginning of the booking process.


9.00-12.00 // 13.00-15.00 (1 hour lunch break in a hut or by arrangement into the terrain) 

We know the Flumserberg backcountry like the back of our hand, and are therefore your competent partners for all freeride and ski touring excursions in the magical winter landscape.

‘Away’ from the secured ski area is beautiful but not without dangers

Off-piste safety equipment (shovel, probe and avalanche transceiver) must be carried in an (airbag) rucksack on all our trips. Helmets are also compulsory on the descent.

Avalanche safety is essential for anyone who spends time in the backcountry in winter. There is a great risk associated with avalanches, but if the necessary precautions (book a course) are taken, this risk can be minimised and we keep the probability of an accident small. However, the residual risk will always remain.

Create your own tour planning; What do I need to know?

During our beginner ski tour course, we will deal with all aspects of safety, so that everyone gets an insight into the complexity and is sensitised accordingly.

These skills are best learned in depth from a professional mountain guide in one of the many avalanche safety courses offered throughout Europe each year. However, there are also many resources available online and in print that can provide valuable information on safety measures in the field, use them!

…explore the beautiful landscape while breathing in the soothing mountain air


As a first timer, you need to be fit for about 200 – 400 metres of altitude per day. A certain basic level of fitness is always an advantage, especially if you have to learn new movements at altitude. (For advanced tours, you will need up to 600 metres of altitude per day, and the pros should start to get tired at dusk).

If you take the time to assess your fitness level and prepare yourself physically for ski touring, you will be well prepared for a successful and enjoyable trip into the backcountry!


It is not only important to be physically fit, but also to have the right equipment for ski touring. Here are a few important things:

You should have the following items in your rucksack: Skins, climbing aids (crampons), drink, snack. Desirable: 1e aid. Sunglasses, UV protection.

It is important that you only pack what is necessary. Weight plays a big role when touring! You should not underestimate the extra power consumption when touring with 10 kg extra on your back. Especially with airbag systems you have to keep an eye on the total weight.



Ski touring equipment (ski+skin) and safety equipment (backpack with avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe) can be rented from us.

(Shoes and poles can’t be hired from us.) If we do not have suitable equipment, it can be hired on site.

Before a ski tour, it is essential to check the function and safety of the personal equipment, which is best done under cover. Then it will also work in the terrain.

“Unleash your alpine dreams: learn how to master ski touring as a beginner”

Explore the off-piste terrain all day with a freeride/backcountry guide, looking for the best routes and untouched snow.