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Ski Training for Ladies in Flumserberg

Intermediate & Advanced Ski Training 

During the ski training for ladies, we learn-, practice, and enjoy skiing in an all-female ski group. 

The Step it Up ski training is designed to work on a general improvement of your skiing. The goal is that you feel comfortable and in control, and be able to decide-, and move freely and safely on the mountain. For 15 years I have been hosting women’s only training as the benefits of skiing in an all-female group are noticeable on many levels. 

Are you good enough to become a Master? So, you feel good about yourself and your skiing skills?  Do you want to make the next step to being a great skier or a better ski instructor? You might want to join the Masters.

♦ You’re not good or bad, just trained or not!  ♦ 

  • Before you can register for the Step it Up Classes, you must ask yourself if you can descend a simple red slope, in short, and long turns! Step it Up Classes are accessible from Level Intermediate
  • Are you unsure, or do you not yet have the level to participate in Masterclasses? no problem, contact us and we will discuss the preparatory steps in a personal conversation!
  • For the Masters you must have completed the Step it Up Classes and have received the OK for the next level from your trainer. You are around level advanced

Are you unsure, or do you not yet have the level to participate in Masterclasses? no problem, contact us and we will discuss the preparatory steps in a personal conversation! 


The maximum number of participants is 6 and the minimum 3 participants. 

Online registration is required before the start of the masterclass training courses.

  • One-time participation is not possible, 4 re-ocurring dates in a row.
  • You will receive an email (check junk mail) with Login details for your own account: My account ⋆ BSSKI Academy
  • You should come to our meeting point, fully dressed and ready with your equipment, 5-10 minutes before the start of the training!
  • In Flumserberg – Switzerland.

BsSkiLLs Training – Weekly returning Masterclasses (Step it Up & Masters)- Group Training

Open terrain, tight, steep, icy slopes, and slopes with monstrous bumps, through the woods in between the trees, steep passages, and wide-open terrain on and off the slopes. While skiing or snowboarding, you can encounter everything. Taking on the challenge or relaxing, cruising down with big turns, the choices are endless but are determined by your personal skiing techniques

The technique also determines how much fun and how safe you feel on the mountain. With good techniques, you develop more ski confidence, and you give yourself the opportunity to take on new challenges in a responsible way. The recipe to fully enjoy the time in which you stand on your skis or snowboard.

During the ski training we will make you master your own recipe, with a decent dash of salt from BSSKI Academy

The many Tips & Tricks that you get can always be unpacked afterwards to become an increased master of the relevant skiing discipline. 

Ladies only

Intermediate Level Ski lessons – Step it Up

I’ll work with you on the transitions or your timing, and you’ll see how relaxed skiing can be. Skiing on icy or steeper slopes without slipping? 

You will learn to overcome difficult descents with the right techniques and conquer your fears. For the right ‘Feel’, you still have to learn to change the angle of your skis to the mountain by giving the correct foot pressure. 

Let’s get to work and I’ll explain, show and make you understand all you need to become a better skier.

That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Carve Turns, Short Turns, Relaxed and Fun skiing.. join the ladies ski training!

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Advanced Level Ski lessons – Masters

Advanced skiers need challenges, a lot of variety and an experienced trainer! With trained eyes, a lot of know-how and a very own approach, I will push you on a weekly base.

Are you a confident and secure Female skier and ready to get to the next level? 

Play Video about Ski training for ladies Ski Academie Flumserberg Groepslessen, Group lessons, Grupppenkurse BEESKI Academy Flumserberg Davos


Besides the on-piste techniques, we will practice off-piste steeps, Powder, Moguls and tracked terrain. There are still so many challenges to be found and during the ski training for ladies, I will take them on together with you! 

During the Masters, we will be doing a lot of skiing and hard work besides finetuning all the details, which will make the difference. I will challenge you, and you concentrate on executing the right techniques. Challenge after challenge, on the slopes, and off the slopes, and you’ll become your own Master.

Video analysis and Tips & Tricks from your Ski-Pro

To evaluate your progress, we make videos to analyse, one of the most powerful methods to learn skiing. I‘ll constantly give bits of advice and instruction for further improvement of your skiing technique. Expert trainers make expert skiers, and that’s what I aim for. 

Follow the ski training for ladies, to concentrate on all the different aspects of the sport and become an expert skier yourself! 

Prefer private ski lessons? Book your instructor in:

Other ski resorts in Eastern Switzerland: 

Between Flumserberg and Lenzerheide there are a lot of other ski areas, where we will of course also be happy to accompany you on the mountain. 

When making your reservation (choose the nearest ski resort above), you must note your desired area.


We come  to a desired ski resort by appointment (min.3 days) 

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