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Skiing Techniques Camps - On & Off-Piste

Ski Performance – Small Group Courses

Training: By practicing with specific goals in mind, receiving clear explanations, video analyses, and with trainers who make everything look easy, you can make significant progress through ski technique training.

Starting in November

Performance ski technique for advanced skiers and ski instructors.

A minimum of 3 participants are required per ski training. If there aren’t enough participants, the schedule may be changed by reducing training time or duration, or we may have to reschedule or cancel the event entirely. We will inform everyone in a timely manner of any changes.

Skitechnik Training
Buckelpiste Skifahren Skitechnik Training in Kleingruppen mit BSSKI
Freeride Camps

We believe in your ability to be a great skier. Our courses can help you get better, no matter how good you are now. We offer lessons for different levels, from beginner to expert. With the right equipment, you can ski even better. We know how much skiing can mean to people and we’re happy to help you get better. Enjoy making memories and keep loving winter sports!

Find the Ski Training that fits you

Buckelpiste Ski Technik Performance

Moguls Skiing

MOGULS SKIING; TECHNIQUES TRAINING IN FLUMSERBERG & DAVOS Book your training Moguls (Bumps) 2-4 day trainings // advanced & intermediate

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Kinder Ferien Skikurse in Flumserberg Anmeldung

Weekend Ski

Weekend Ski Lessons for Children Weekend ski lessons, kids ski groups in Flumserberg Learn to ski properly, find skiing friends,

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Skitour, Splitboardtour Anfängerkurs

Ski Touring

Ski touring course for first timer in Flumserberg; Discover the mountains close to Zürich Ski Touring Course for beginners; experience

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“Why participate in ski technique training? Here are some reasons.”

Improve your skills: BSSKI’s ski training sessions offer advanced skiers and ski instructors the opportunity to take their skills to the next level. By participating in these training sessions, you can work on technical aspects of skiing and learn new tricks and techniques.

Professional development: For ski instructors, participation in BSSKI’s ski training sessions provides a valuable opportunity to further develop their professional skills. You can learn from experienced trainers and discover new teaching methods that you can apply in your own lessons.

Networking opportunities: During the training sessions, you have the opportunity to meet other advanced skiers and ski instructors. This can lead to valuable connections within the ski community, the exchange of knowledge, and the sharing of experiences.

Challenging environment: Participation in BSSKI’s ski training sessions gives you the opportunity to train in a stimulating and challenging environment. This can help push your limits, build self-confidence, and set new goals.

Fun and passion: Skiing is a sport full of fun and passion. By participating in these training sessions, you can deepen your love for skiing, enjoy every descent, and experience new highlights on the slopes.

Overall, by participating in BSSKI’s ski training sessions, both advanced skiers and ski instructors can benefit from the opportunity to improve their skills, grow professionally, make new contacts, and most importantly, have fun on the mountain.

Ski Techniek Camps
skiing techniques camps

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