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Weekend Ski Lessons for Children

Weekend ski lessons, kids ski groups in Flumserberg

Learn to ski properly, find skiing friends, gain experience, and grow as a skier and group. Our weekend ski lessons for kids from level Intermediate to advanced ski academy.

A small ski group for more safety and great progress! Max. 6 participants, min. 3

4 weekend dates per ski course

Different Skill Levels, different ski groups

Weekly group ski lessons for intermediate and advanced kids! 

It’s time to master the perfect positions needed in carve turns or short turns! Ski training for children conveys safety, fun and skills. We will constantly tackle new learning goals and on request, we train together for ski cross races.

Give your kids the gift of skiing with our skitechnik trainings in Flumserberg. From balance to technique& safety the weekly classes cover everything they need to know.

Safety & fun for your skiing Kids 

It often can’t get crazy enough for the kids, but concentrated skiing and having fun is what makes the result of our ski lessons perfect. Happy ski stars are trained with us!

Skitechnique Training for Kids: Tips and Tricks for Young Skiers

If you want your child to become a better skier, skitechnique training can be a great way to help them improve their skills on the slopes. From mastering the basics to learning advanced techniques, our coaching offers valuable tips and advice to help your child become a more confident and capable skier.

We encourage a positive attitude and love for the skisport.

One of the most important things we adults can do to help our children become better skiers is to encourage a positive attitude and a love for the sport. Skiing can be challenging, and it’s important for kids to approach it with a positive mindset. We encourage your child to focus on the fun and excitement of skiing, rather than getting bogged down by frustration or disappointment. Celebrate their successes and help them learn from their mistakes, so they’ll stick with skiing and continue to improve their skills.


Weekend Ski group lessons for Children:  Details for Season 2023/2024 coming soon 

  • Only a few spots per group
  • Registrations will close 31.12.2023 

The maximum number of participants is 6 and the minimum 3 participants per group for the kids ski lessons.

Ski Team max 16 Members

Registration is required for the group lessons, training courses, Team

  • One-time participation is not possible. (blocks of 4)
  • You will receive an email (check junk mail) with Login details for your own account: My account ⋆ BSSKI Academy
  • You should come to our meeting point, with the kids fully dressed and ready with equipment, 5-10 minutes before the start of the ski lesson!
  • In Flumserberg – Switzerland. 
  • Meetingpoints in other locations will be communicated up front

BSSKI Ski lessons Children – Weekly returning skitraining on the weekends

Open terrain, tight, steep, icy slopes, and slopes with monstrous bumps, through the woods in between the trees, steep passages, and wide-open terrain on and off the slopes. While skiing or snowboarding, we can encounter everything. Taking on the challenge or relaxing, cruising down with big turns, the choices are endless but are determined by your personal skiing techniques

Ski lessons are important.. and fun!

The Benefits of Enrolling Your Kids in a Ski Academy

The technique also determines how much fun and how safe to feel on the mountain. With good techniques, we develop more self-confidence, and give ourselves the opportunity to take on new challenges in a responsible way. W would like to teach them young! Sign up for the ski lessons for children.

During the ski training we will make them master their own recipe, with a decent dash of salt from BSSKI Academy

Why Ski lessons for Kids in Flumserberg?

The whole mountain must be discovered, jump, fly and off to the witches’ forest. Children love to whiz over the slopes, jumps and forest paths. In Flumserberg, the smaller skiers are thought of, and that is for sure Benefitting the ski training for the children. In addition to about 65 km of slopes, the Flumserberg ski area offers a ski-cross course, giant slalom with steep curves and wave run, the witch’s forest with (mostly only the parents) dreaded forest routes and enough jumps in the fun park, a great offer.

Ski Academy starting in November.

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